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About us

Versto Lockers was founded with a simple mission: a safe space for people who go to the beach to store their valuables. But how did this idea come to be?

Whenever a family comes to Aruba to go on holiday, there is always the risk of theft of their possessions looming over their heads. This is why there is always that unlucky someone who has to stay with everyone else’s belongings while the rest goes swimming. 

Our founder, Joey van den Berg, felt that it didn’t have to be this way. His idea was simple: a safe place right on the beach where anyone can store their belongings, so that they no longer have to worry. He wanted the idea to be sustainable, so he envisioned the units to be solar-powered. 

Nowadays, our lockers can be found on four of Aruba’s finest beaches. Of course, we’re always exapnding, and our goal is to have our units present on as many beaches as possible, so that everyone on Aruba can safely store their stuff while going for a swim!

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