Versatile Storage Pods

Our locker system offers safety everywhere and for all types of valuables or personal belongings. Thanks to the easy and keyless handling it is as well a comfortable and new product, that makes your visit considerably more relaxed.


without worrying about your valuables?

Locker Types

Our lockers come in different shapes and sizes. From larger ones to store larger valuables such as big bags, to small storage pods for storing small valuables such as watches, car keys or phones. The smaller sotrage pods also come with a built in charger, so you can charge your phone while enjoying your time on the beach!

Our systems advantages:

  • Guaranteed safety
  • Different safe box sizes
  • USB charging points
  • Comfortable and cheap
  • Tested worldwide

Our Locations

Our lockers can be found on the following beaches:

  1. Mumba Beach
  2. Palm Pier
  3. Palm Beach
  4. Baby Beach